los angeles

2 days/ 18 sessions
3 receptions/ 7th annual
September 26-27 2016

Montage Beverly Hills

the leaders the deciders the disrupters


Experience TheGrill 2016

TheGrill leads the conversation on convergence between entertainment, media and technology, bringing together newsmakers to debate the challenges and opportunities facing content in the digital age. Diverse programming anchored by versatile talent and supported by big brands has always been the hallmark of Hollywood. As technology brings new models to the fore – in production, distribution, display and monetization – TheGrill is a platform for the leaders, the deciders and the disrupters to explore this reconfigured landscape as it continues to transforms around us.

Among the topics fueling the agenda at TheGrill 2016


Content Play

Code slingers said algorithms might replace story, but the techno revolution has reinforced content is king. From social media to silver screen, we dissect success.


The Numbers

Disruption is the new normal when it comes to distribution. Alt channels are being explored, but will they add up to profits?



Technology has made it possible to know consumers inside and out. Now it’s time to put that knowledge to work.


On the Go-Go

Phones, cars and other gadgets that are along for the ride, keeping consumers connected, at home, on the road and in the cloud.


Mille Meter

Despite reams of research, millennials remain a mystery. Learn about the new technologies that are cracking the code.


Second Spin

Can vinyl and digital co-exist? Will streaming dry up? Explore sustainable models for the new music economy.


State of Play

At the console or on the field, interactivity and competition are a match made in entertainment heaven.

Virtual Reality

Stars of VR

The brave new world of immersive content presents challenges and opportunities. Get ready for 360-degrees 24/7 and experience the vroom in our VR room.

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deciders, disrupters and innovators at work and play

On the Record


Past participants share the unforgettable experience of being part of TheGrill.
Frank Cooper, CMO and Chief Creative Officer, Buzzfeed; former Global CMO PepsiCo



“TheGrill is not just a conference. It’s a carefully curated collection of relevant and necessary conversations among the A-list of Hollywood and the C-suite of corporations. Sharon Waxman has created a unique forum for insight and action through TheGrill.”
— CMO and Chief Creative Officer, Buzzfeed; former Global CMO PepsiCo

Andy Howard, Partner, Shamrock Capital Advisors



“Excellent opportunity to connect and engage with senior execs in the media landscape. Given today’s dynamic entertainment marketplace, it’s invaluable to hear directly from the leaders on their thought process. ” — Partner, Shamrock Capital Advisors




“TheGrill provides a terrific forum for discussing issues crucial to the future of our business and the evolution of consuming content.” — President & CEO, A+E Networks

Michael Shamberg, Producer, Django Unchained, Erin Brockovich



“The selling point of TheGrill is that you stay current in the world of media by hearing innovators talk about the companies they run. You get the top executives, which makes it really relevant to business strategies and not just theoretical.” — Producer, Django Unchained, Erin Brockovich

Rick Hess, Co-Founder, Evolution Media Capital LLC



“It’s always interesting and thought provoking at The Grill and it was fun to share the dialogue and learn from the other smart panelists in Jesse, Mark and Brian. Thanks to Sharon for pulling off another great event.“ –Co-Founder, Evolution Media Capital LLC

Will Palmer, Co-Founder & CEO, Movio



“The Grill is a an outstanding event offering unique insights from the industry’s brightest minds and important networking opportunities with key players. Sharon and her team dig deep into issues affecting our business with provocative conversations with top tier participants.“ — Co-Founder & CEO, Movio

Brian Weinstein, Head of Corporate Finance, CAA



“TheGrill is the perfect forum to discuss the intersection between media, entertainment, finance and the tech world. It brings together the right mix of speakers from those different worlds and the result is better, smarter and more insightful thinking from everyone involved.“ –Head of Corporate Finance, CAA

Jason Blum, Founder & CEO, Blumhouse



“It was not only a privilege but a tremendous amount of fun to be able to have such an open and honest conversation with Ron Meyer at TheGrill.” CEO, Blumhouse Productions

Experience TheGrill 2016

Join the leaders, the deciders, the disrupters as they map the future.


It gives us great pleasure to recognize the forward-thinking companies that join us engaging the entertainment and tech communities in the dialogue that is TheGrill.